The ‘about bloody time’ time.

Christmas Day in Tignes. I had been falling over all day on the slopes, they were too icy for a beginner snowboarder like me. Just like always, he was better than me… and that annoyed me even more.

So you can probably imagine. Stroppy 25 year old. Didn’t get any presents Christmas morning because we had spent enough money for our snowy holiday instead. Secretly wanted just a little surprise, even just a lippy would’ve done the job. Grumpy because I couldn’t stand on my board for more than 15 seconds without wailing “my effing coccyx!!!”.

And there he goes. Picturesque viewing platform. 2695m at the top of Toviere mountain, Tignes. On one knee he pulls out a small black box that he had apparently been carrying around for 3 days in his pocket- was I really that blind? And whilst totally outdoing his previous awesomeness of being a much better snowboarder than me, he opened up the box. Yellow pear shape diamond inside a white diamond cluster on a white gold band, stunning, huge. Inside lid of the box: H.Samuel.


You’ve got to be kidding?

That moment when you’re trying not to let your facial expressions show the disappointment on your face. That moment when the disappointment on your face is so bloody obvious you may as well just say “Are you for real? Cheapskate!”. But thankfully I didn’t need to, he saved me from sounding like the ungrateful human I was and told me it was the ‘pretend’ one until I designed my own. As if I doubted him for one second…

A few celebratory beers at the top of Toviere to celebrate my ‘thankfully’ fake ring and I was a snowboarder on a high coming down that mountain. What a bit of ‘proposing’ will do to a girl at 2695m above sea level.

I’m not sure how we kept it a secret from our family and friends for the rest of the holiday, but once everyone was updated and the good old secret Pinterest page no longer secret… it was time to let the planning commence!

Here is my white gold, diamond and sapphire ‘real’ ring…


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