I thought you’d like to know a little about me. What makes me smile, laugh, cringe and cry!

Cats- I’m allergic to everything with fur but I’m one of those people who would need compassionate leave from work if my cats died! They make my eyes puffy but they’re worth it!

Impulsive shopping- my fiancé hates this but it excites me.

Baking- I am a food teacher and applying for GBBO 2016. My baking development consists of tears, tantrums and then finally something clicks and I get it right!

Unusual fashion- I just can’t buy staple clothes. My mind is drawn to quirky and unique items that no one else has.

Animal ears- Ahh aren’t they the cutest? I must have been some kind of mammal in my previous life.

Folk music- my most recent love I suppose. There’s something about a banjo, fiddle and live vocals that get me dancing.

Sugar- I’ve tried sugar free diets and just cutting down on dessert and puddings… Don’t do it! I just need to work extra hard in the gym to compensate for eating a whole packet of Jammy Dodgers in one sitting, twice a day!

So now you have an insight into my life, let’s get planning!


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