Matt and I live in Wiltshire. Our family live in Shropshire, 120 miles away where we finally decided we want to tie the knot.

Why did we choose Shropshire? After 3 months of research we knew exactly what we wanted: Something a little different. Somewhere off the beaten track. Not an average venue that appears on every wedding blog or in every magazine. Somewhere that I had to look hard for… And I bloody well did.

After we had chosen our church and I had researched in depth from quirky wedding blogs like Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and The Natural Wedding Company we narrowed the reception venues down to these contenders:

Sugnall Walled GardenFordhall Organic Farm and Wagons & Fire.

All of which had potential to make our wedding that bit of something different we both want. I have a vivid imagination so going to see all potentially venues in the rain was easy for me. Matt on the other hand had to rely on what he knows as my wacky mind!

We eventually decided on the stunning venue of Sugnall Walled Garden because it screemed English garden and botanical uniqueness, with an unusual twist, beautiful views, they are gin enthusiast and have since gone above and beyond to let us offer glamping in the woods. It’s perfect and I get excited just thinking about its beauty now.

September 2016 update: We have been back to visit the venue on a number of occasions: gin jamborees (x 3), their first jazz and blues festival, we even met our photographer there to take some photos for our pre-wedding shoot. It feels familiar, we’ve got to know the staff and resident ducks and it’s been a fantastic experience seeing the gardens develop into something utterly beautiful. 


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