The dress that found me.

I only went to try on dresses in a boutique shop once. The emotions that went through my head were crazy- excitement beyond belief, embarrassment because I was being ‘viewed’ by my family, disbelief, silliness and love. Yes I fell in love with a dress.

A Justin Alexander, full length, Lacey Ivory dress… Except I wanted it in the tea dress length as my statement shoes to be have to be shown off. Believe it or not I didn’t get this dress, something unbelievable was about happen about one month later.

I was at work having lunch and a chat with a colleague. My friend Lauren text me something like:

“Found this dress in the window of a charity shop in Marlborough, here’s a pic, thought it was very you.”

I couldn’t see it very well in the picture but it was Lacey and tea dress length so I called the charity shop to reserve it so I could check it out after work.

Now I’m a huge believer in some things are meant to be. And there’s a reason that Lauren found that dress. It was a Justin Alexander, same dress that I had tried on but the previous season so the detail was a little different around the waist which would be easy to get adjusted anyway, tea dress length, MY SIZE, £100! It fitted me like a glove!

For some odd reason I didn’t rush, I wanted to try it on with the girls there so they met me the next day and just like me couldn’t believe how perfect it was, and how mad I’d  be if I didn’t buy it. What looney takes a Justin Alexander to a charity shop?

A little bit of sadness came over me when I realised I wouldn’t get to try on anymore beautiful new dresses and be spoilt for choice in a boutique wedding dress shop, whilst drinking champagne and giggling with my friends… But at the same time, I didn’t care… With over two years to wait until we get married, my dress found me and it was perfect.


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