Impulsive me strikes again.

I haven’t been looking for shoes, honest. I occasionally search on Pinterest for the style I like but had no intentions of making an impulsive buy with nearly 2 years to wait before I could wear them… That’s almost torturous?!

I was flicking through my Instagram feed, looking at all of the LFW posts from the Made in Chelsea celebs that I embarrassingly follow/ stalk. Rosie Fortescue has posted a photo of a pair of ‘cream filtered’ Pez heels by a young designer Camilla Elphick. Yes shoes that look like the Pez sweet dispenser- don’t worry these aren’t my wedding shoes!

Intrigued by the price and her quirky design (I mean if they were high street price I’m totally having a pair of these shoes for my wardrobe), I found her website and online shop.

Top of the page, beautifully designed, blue heels with CATS on! (You’ll have to wait for the picture!)

Not for my wardrobe but for my wedding. Just like the dress moment, I was in love all over again but this time I was impulsive and they are currently in my wardrobe with 17 months to wait till the big day!

Occasionally I open the box, glance at them, giggle to myself and put them away.


I have since bought another pair of Camilla Elphick shoes, again with CATS on! I’m convinced that Elphick is me in shoe designer form… Although I wont show you my wedding shoes, I’ll let you have a peak of these ones. Enjoy!



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