Proposing to my bridesmaids.

I’d been dying to ask them for a whole year but being as our date is so far away we thought it would be best to hold out on the proposals until Christmas 2015.

My three nieces and two best friends all said yes to being my trusty bridesmaids. I also asked Matt’s two beautiful nieces to be Flower Girls and my nephew to be Chief Usher or Church Bouncer as we like call it!  I got jumped on, squealed at, hugged, kissed and asked if I could provide my cats as a bouquet rather than flowers!

Deciding on unique ways of asking my bridesmaids was a tricky decision though. I saw lots of cheesy ideas on Pinterest like Buzzfeed’s 24 insanely creative ways to ask “will you be my bridesmaid?”, but I wasn’t convinced that it needed to be a big extravagant event.

I settled for a sentimental card that I originally found on Etsy with a fun twist that had my style all over it.

The design is by Suzy at Paper Fudge, who hand draws colourful wedding stationery. I love the bridesmaid proposal cards so much that Paper Fudge are designing and providing all of our wedding stationery for the big day.



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