Our ‘awesome sauce’ photo shoot.

Andy Li, and his lovely wife Leanne met us at our venue last weekend. We planned on showing them around the venue and having all of our photos taken at a woodland valley belonging to my family in Cosford. However, with all of Sugnall’s quirky buildings and landscape views Andy couldn’t help but take a few snaps of the abstract scenery.

I think they were impressed!

We eventually made our way over to my family’s valley following a compulsory cuppa and slice of homemade cake.

Our photo shoot didn’t seem like a photo shoot at at all, we had lots of fun showing Andy and Leanne around whilst having our photo taken along the walk. There was hardly any ‘pose’ and ‘smile’ moments. Andy likes to work with a few standard positions and the rest of the time we were totally ourselves (although Matt did get a little silly, so I had to kick his butt a few times). I had two favorite parts of the shoot. Firstly when Andy asked us to describe each other going through the alphabet whilst he took close ups. Obviously I started with ‘Asshole’. I’m not sure why this was one of my favorite moments? Secondly, Matt and I scrambled our way along wooden planks that acted as bridges to a small, grassy island in the middle of a stream and Andy used this to take photos of our reflection. When we saw the photos, they blew my mind!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a pre-wedding photo shoot I immediately link it to a cheesy engagement shoot, but this was far from that…

We really felt like Andy and Leanne were our friends not just our photographers and this thought makes me smile. With the help of this lovely pair, in the words of Andy Li, I am convinced our wedding is going be ‘awesome sauce’!

Here our some of our favorite photos from the day courtesy of Andy Li.



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