Wedding stationery love.

Our formal invitations have finally arrived. They are masterpieces.

After Suzy at Paperfudge blew my mind with our save the dates, there was no doubt she would be designing and making our invitations. Suzy and I had been in contact over a few weeks with ideas, colour themes and designs… When they arrived it felt like Christmas. Even Bleu and Bear were curious about the box with a pretty label…

To my amazement, the packaging got even better and I hadn’t even seen the invites yet…

Those of you that know me well, know I’m a big fan of something a little different and that’s exactly what our invites scream… Quirky, colourful and a little bit crazy.

This time, I’ve really enjoyed handing the invites out by hand. In fact I get so excited I become a giggly child. Watching our friends and family study each page that contains lots of information and clues to our big day is the BEST feeling!

There will be many more Paperfudge surprises on the day 🙂


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