My top 10.

As the wedding is getting closer I seem to be getting busier. My upbeat and ‘oh, I’m so organised’ attitude is still high on my agenda…  although it’s not as easy to manage as the to-do list gets longer and a little more urgent- but I am still enjoying every second!

In fact… I’m glad I have a honeymoon to plan post wedding to avoid getting the blues. I mean, what else would I do with my Sunday afternoons browsing through Pinterest and Instagram?

Anyway I thought I would share my top 10 highlights of the planning this year (not in order)…

10. Spending time with my florist choosing floral arrangements. She would probably admit I’m the worst kind of customer who sends new ideas and pins almost every week… but I’ve loved sharing ideas with her.

9. Picking my stag up from the train station and seeing that he still had both eye brows, his moustache and all he was suffering from was a (very) bruised liver!

8. Paying our wedding bills! Less of a highlight, more of a relief!

7. Going to see our Banns being read. I think this is where it became a bit real…

6. Food tasting. Our wonderful caterer, Revel in Food, gave up her kitchen and dining room in January to host a dinner party for some of our friends to try our wedding menu! We had great laughs, lots of wine and we all left with incredible food babies!

5. Succeeding in making bow ties for the grooms party (with a little help from my mum).

4. Realising how generous our friends and family are! They have been so kind, patient and given up so much of their time these last few months to help with our preparation. Big hugs x

3. Receiving our stationery designs from Paperfudge. I must admit, when Matt finds out the amount I have spent on stationery he is going to hit the roof… but it is worth every penny. Suzy at Paperfudge is so incredibly talented and I cannot wait to have her work feature in our wedding day!

2. Finally hearing back from the wedding band. Please note, bands suffer from no sense of humour, laziness and can be bloody hard to contact!

1. The satisfaction of getting the table plan right!

Here’s to the final 5 week countdown, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!





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